The Eskow Difference

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Client Experience

How would we love to be treated? That’s how we treat you. We communicate better. We solve problems better. And we manage your deal or other legal matter better.


We’re about you. Making it easy. Keeping it simple. And taking the burden off you. We love to say, “we’ll take it from here.” We empower you to make the best decisions for you and provide the market-knowledge so that you know what is fair and customary.

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We pride ourselves on incorporating real, first-hand experience into each of our client engagements. We have a deep understanding of the problems you are looking to solve and the goals you are looking to achieve. That level of understanding and relatability is priceless.


We're too humble to say we've seen everything, but given our deep experience with healthcare transactions, we can confidently say we've seen enough to know how to solve any problem that may arise.  Having seen nearly every type of deal structure, concept, contract and permutation, we know where to push, what to ask and how to navigate.  So sit back, relax, and let us walk with you through it all.

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When you need us, we’re there. We’ll help you understand the legal jargon by making complex concepts simple and easy to understand. We're also ruthlessly practical and will help you prioritize the issues you care most about and that will impact you the most. And, we’ll be available when others may be playing golf or whatever typical lawyers do.


No surprise fees. No inflated hours. Our transparent fixed fees allow us to be fully on your team from the very beginning. Efficient, effective, and working hard to help you reach your goals as we do whatever it takes to help you cross the finish line.

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